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Isansys is teaming up with 42Gears to further secure and manage its advanced patient monitoring system
Isansys is teaming up with 42Gears to further secure and manage its advanced patient monitoring system

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Isansys partners with 42Gears to secure and manage its patient monitoring technology

Global digital health technology company Isansys Lifecare is teaming up with leading management solution provider 42Gears to further secure and manage its advanced patient monitoring system.

Isansys has developed the Patient Status Engine (PSE), a fully certified CE Class IIa and FDA Class II patient monitoring platform which uses digital and wireless sensors to enable near-ICU grade monitoring and advanced analytics of patient data. The wearable sensors, including the Lifetouch “smart patch” cardiac sensor and the Lifetemp continuous temperature sensor, automatically collect and analyse the patients’ heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, oxygen saturation levels and blood pressure in real-time. If a patient’s health starts to deteriorate, the system will provide a warning to nursing staff so they can act on it immediately.

Now, with the support, knowledge and expertise of 42Gears Mobility Systems Pvt. Ltd, Isansys can help healthcare professionals around the world by further enabling remote management of its patient monitoring devices through interoperability with electronic medical record systems and secure management of patient information.

Keith Errey, CEO of Isansys, said: “We are seeing a surge in orders for our Patient Status Engine (PSE) product as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals are seeking to deploy the PSE to rapidly increase capacity and numbers of higher dependency beds and isolation wards in order to monitor ventilated patients and to use it to provide high-grade monitoring of patients at home or other locations outside the hospital itself. We are delighted to partner with 42Gears to provide a unified approach to endpoint security and management of our advanced patient monitoring devices and ensure both our valued customers can manage their patient data safely and securely. This will help drive down costs and provide better visibility of their patient’s healthcare status at all times.”

42Gears’ solution, SureMDM, ensures that the Isansys remote patient monitoring platform operates reliably and effectively within clinical workflows that place the patient at the centre, regardless of whether the patient is in a hospital or community setting. The advanced features of the 42 Gears mobile device management solution enable healthcare CTO’s and IT administrators to install and maintain the Patient Status Engine and its wearable sensors with complete security and peace of mind.

Abhay Koranne, Senior Vice President at 42Gears, said: “Deploying a solution that can securely manage healthcare equipment in the hour of need is top priority here. As technology providers, we intend to meet the needs of those healthcare teams on the frontline. There are a host of devices being used by healthcare professionals within the Patient Status Engine - recording patient data and monitoring patients’ health. Now, when healthcare professionals are pressed for time it is vital these wireless devices are not only used to monitor health status automatically, continuously and in real-time, but are also secured and fixed remotely, if and whenever required. That is where our solution helps.”


Isansys Lifecare provides remote monitoring solutions which improve patient care, drive clinical performance, ensure economic value and enhance patient safety. We look beyond technology to the experiences of patients, providers and caregivers across the healthcare continuum. From early detection of deterioration, to caring for patients more efficiently and effectively and providing care in the home, we unlock insights leading to innovative solutions and help our customers deliver better services to more people around the world, without compromising the level of care.

In addition, we partner with visionary healthcare leaders striving to improve patient outcomes and boost efficiency gains across the whole healthcare delivery spectrum. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Isansys now has offices in Germany and India. For more information, visit

42Gears is a leading Unified Endpoint Management solution provider, named a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management tools two years in a row. offering SaaS and on-premise solutions to secure, monitor and manage all business endpoints, such as tablets, phones, desktops, and wearables. 42Gears products support company-owned as well as employee-owned devices built on Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, macOS, Wear OS, VR and Linux platforms. 42Gears products are used in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education, and retail. 42Gears products are trusted by over 10,000 customers in more than 115 countries. For more information on how 42Gears can help manage and secure advanced patient monitoring devices, please visit www.



Isansys is the world's leading digital healthcare company which has developed an innovative patient monitoring platform, enabling early detection of deterioration in patients. We are a business focussed on driving disruptive technologies into hospitals and healthcare organisations globally providing health professionals with the vital tools required to improve patient care and increase clinical performance, ensuring economic value and enhancing patient safety. For further information and to stay updated on our latest news visit, follow us on Twitter at @isansys or subscribe to our YouTube Channel at

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