Isansys Lifecare Wins £1million SBRI Healthcare Contract to Support NHS Objectives

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Isansys Lifecare Wins £1million SBRI Healthcare Contract to Support NHS Objectives

Isansys Lifecare Limited, the provider of complete real-time physiological patient status systems and services, has been awarded a substantial Phase 2 contract by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

The contract, worth £1million, is to increase the functionality and extend the intended use of its innovative Patient Status Engine (PSE) a continuous vital sign data acquisition, analysis and prediction platform that is helping hospitals and healthcare organisations move into the next generation of digital, data driven patient care.

Keith Errey, CEO of Isansys, based in Oxfordshire, said: “We’re thrilled to have been awarded this contract by SBRI Healthcare. We are currently upgrading and extending the PSE to provide greater mobility and community based early interventions that will effectively allow critical care pathways to be extended beyond the hospital walls.

“This SBRI healthcare development contract will make a huge difference as we will be able to continue our work with in-hospital patients and those recovering at home, and support clinicians and nurses who are developing the new pathways and workflows now enabled by the PSE.

“This development contract recognises the importance of what Isansys is doing and illustrates the benefits that our wireless real-time patient monitoring and analysis platform is now bringing to patients, clinicians and nursing staff.”

The SBRI Phase 2 work programme follows the successful completion of two SBRI Phase 1 contracts in which Isansys demonstrated how the PSE could provide (a) low cost, continuous, high resolution monitoring for all patients in hospital, and (b) a new application through data-driven biomarkers for the early detection of sepsis in chemotherapy patients at home.

In Phase 2 Isansys will continue the Phase 1 work and will include the implementation, regulatory compliance and deployment of the Isansys healthcare cloud server that will allow the PSE to be used at scale, both in hospital and out of hospital. Alongside the scaling work, new wireless wearable devices, prototyped in Phase 1, will be incorporated into the PSE to provide additional clinical data sets and enhanced vital sign coverage. These include a secondary independent channel for respiration rate and pulse, continuous temperature and continuous ambulatory blood pressure, thus providing greater choice and range of devices and applications for doctors and patients.

One new community application will be trialled under this project. Chemotherapy patients, at risk of life-threatening neutropenic sepsis, will be monitored whilst recovering at home to demonstrating the ability of the new PSE platform to acquire and analyse data that will show early warnings of change in the status of at-risk groups of patients.

Rebecca Weir, cofounder and Development Director at Isansys, said: “This trial will be an important test for the PSE platform to capture and analyse data from multiple patients in multiple remote locations. We believe that this is the first time that such high resolution patient data will captured from such high risk acute patients in the community.”

For the last two years, Isansys has been working with a number of hospitals and healthcare service providers in the UK and India to deliver patient monitoring services and patient status solutions based on the first generation of its Lifetouch system and PSE platform to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

It was the success of these projects which helped secure the second phase of the SBRI contract, an investment programme which connects public sector challenges with innovative ideas from the private sector. SBRI’s financial awards aim to help businesses achieve and fast track government objectives and stimulate economic growth.

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About the SBRI Healthcare: (

The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) is an NHS England initiative, championed by the newly formed Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), who aim to promote UK economic growth whilst addressing unmet health needs and enhancing the take up of known best practice.

Part of Innovation Health and Wealth the SBRI Healthcare programme sets industry the challenge in a series of health related competitions which result in fully funded development contracts between the awarded company and the NHS. Unlike many R&D projects which offer grant or match funding, SBRI contracts are 100 per cent funded and the company retains the IP.

About Isansys Lifecare Limited

Isansys Lifecare Ltd is a new generation healthcare company that provides patient surveillance and monitoring services built on an innovative, low cost and scalable digital platform.

We are working with a number of hospitals in the NHS and other leading healthcare professionals and institutes to deliver patient monitoring services and patient status solutions using the Patient Status Engine platform and new generation wireless vital signs monitors.

We operate in a wide range of healthcare settings which want to employ new patient monitoring technologies and methods to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

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About the Patient Status Engine (PSE)

The PSE system incorporates the Lifetouch cardiac monitor – a lightweight and unobtrusive smart patch that collects data directly from the patient and analyses every heartbeat to provide continuous heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability. It also includes a remotely triggerable ECG visualisation function for set-up and verification that may also be used as an event marker. With the Lifetemp continuous wireless clinical thermometer, a wireless pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor, a patient’s physiology is automatically uploaded as a series of secure digital files to a patient record. The PSE kit also comes pre-bundled with several apps, such as patient charting, early warning scores and real-time HRV plots, useful for determination of autonomic function.

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