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Download Keith Errey’s interview for No Strings Attached podcast

News   •   Jan 10, 2012 13:34 GMT

In the January 6th 2012 podcast, Keith talks to WDD Editor Janine Mooney about Isansys’ LifeTouch HRV011 wireless ‘smart patch’– the first of a new generation of devices for continuous physiological monitoring for use within the Isansys Lifecare Platform, enabling robust data to be captured from a patient and wirelessly and securely delivered to authorised personnel. The HRV011 is a powerful tool that measures and analyses every heartbeat in real time to provide data for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) methods with unprecedented accuracy.

No Strings Attached is Wireless Design and Development's web-based interview show covering the latest wireless technology, components, and design issues for the wireless design engineering community.

You can download the 16 minute podcast featuring Keith here.