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The Patient Status Engine - A complete system offering

The Patient Status Engine (PSE) is an innovative, continuous, vital sign data acquisition, analysis and prediction platform that combines unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors, wireless networks, analytical algorithms and big data to provide low cost, continuous, high resolution monitoring for all patients in hospital, and at home.

Isansys: No more wires

Isansys: No more wires

Documents   •   Mar 03, 2016 10:19 GMT

Isansys is a company that digitises life at both home and in acute care settings. It has developed a technology which no longer ties patients to the hospital bed or tangles them within over-sensitive and sometimes temperamental wires and cords, but instead allows them the freedom to heal in a safe environment. Read more on page 31.

Early detection of sepsis in the community to avoid hospital readmissions in chemotheraphy patients

Isansys will use funding from the SBRI to extend its existing CE marked Patient Status Engine real-time wireless vital sign acquisition and analysis system to provide warning notifications of sepsis in patients at home at an early stage in the critical 72-hour period.