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Isansys Teams Up With 42 Gears in the Battle Against COVID-19

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Isansys Teams Up With 42 Gears in the Battle Against COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed many industry sectors forever. Being in the epicenter of an unprecedented global pandemic, the healthcare sector is among the hardest-hit. As the number of COVID-19 positive cases increases everyday, a staggering number of patients need to be hospitalized, and many of them require ventilator assistance. This, in turn, puts caregivers at risk.

It’s imperative for healthcare institutions to adopt emerging technologies, such as advanced patient monitoring technology, to support their hospital staff to deliver better care. Advanced patient monitoring technology leverages sensors to establish a digital connection between remote patient monitoring equipment and the patient. However, caregivers implementing advanced patient monitoring technology need a way to manage these devices in order to deliver better patient care.

Isansys Lifecare, a leading digital healthcare company headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, has teamed up with 42Gears to enable the remote management of patient monitoring devices. Healthcare institutions that need to rapidly scale the capacity of higher dependency beds and isolation wards in response to COVID-19 are leveraging Isansys’ Patient Status Engine (PSE), an advanced patient monitoring platform, to do so. This required Isansys to provide a way to ensure that the huge amount of patient data generated through this platform is secure and confidential. It was also essential for Isansys to ensure that the devices are not misused.

Isansys' alliance with 42Gears enables Isansys to combat these problems. SureMDM, the Unified Endpoint Management solution by 42Gears, allows Isansys to secure and manage advanced patient monitoring equipment for healthcare institutes. It has been pivotal in allowing hospitals to manage their patient data safely and securely. IT admins can enroll patient monitoring devices in the SureMDM platform to easily monitor them, remotely configure apps and app updates, and ensure that devices are policy compliant. It allows the admins to easily monitor the device performance and diagnose device health. Isansys additionally uses SureLock by 42Gears, which helps to reduce the chances of devices being used for any other purposes than what it is intended. 

The IT team at Isansys  worked with 42Gears to deploy SureMDM and SureLock through a perpetual on-premise license model. This addressed its needs for a secure environment wherein patients’ data is kept confidential even while being connected to the public internet.

Embracing SureMDM and SureLock has helped Isansys’ customers improve the quality and effectiveness of their care. As the hospital staff now has safe remote access to patient data, they can monitor patients even after they are discharged. Not only has this helped hospitals to shift their focus to better managing patients at high risk, but has also reduced overall operational costs.

Remotely managing advanced patient monitoring equipment throughout its device lifecycle eases caregivers’ administrative workload and allows them to focus on quality care. This partnership is useful for all: for example, Isansys has increased its revenue and brand value. 



Isansys is the world's leading digital healthcare company which has developed an innovative patient monitoring platform, enabling early detection of deterioration in patients. We are a business focussed on driving disruptive technologies into hospitals and healthcare organisations globally providing health professionals with the vital tools required to improve patient care and increase clinical performance, ensuring economic value and enhancing patient safety. For further information and to stay updated on our latest news visit, follow us on Twitter at @isansys or subscribe to our YouTube Channel at

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